We’re Kevin & Colleen Henney, and we opened our first shop, Jupiter & Main in August of 2020, right in the midst of a global pandemic. Our mission was simple, to have fun, and promote fun in our community. We think we hit the mark, and three years later, we founded Jupiter Supply Co., so we could make our own fun stuff. Starting with a gorgeous line of candles, hand poured by us, and label design by Nicki Ovitt—reminiscent of an old bandana, we’re pretty proud of the result! What’s next? So many good things.
Smells like the Coast is clear.
Smells like the big waves are too far out to see.
Smells like buzzin in the orange grove.
Smells like grandpa’s library.
Smells like ghost stories by the fireside.
Smells like a Tuscan dream.
Smells like sitting under the tree of awakening.
Smells like orchid flowers in the forest.